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If you are looking for something different from your regular metal bed frame or outdated futon, then it may be time to consider what poster beds and sleigh beds in Van Nuys have to offer.  Poster beds and sleigh beds work well in larger spaces that need bigger pieces in them in order to look proportionate.  While a standard framed bed works well in a small space with limited resources, elegant poster beds and sleigh beds can be just the ticket in a bigger space.  If you’ve got tall ceilings, a large space and are looking for a traditional piece of furniture to add to your home, then consider the value of adding one of these beautiful types of beds to your home.

Four poster beds have been around for hundreds of years and are one of the most common types of bed frames purchased today.   One of the best features of poster beds is that they can be as ornate and elaborate or as simple as you want.  Poster beds are designed to be similar to the standard canopy bed design, but do not have beams that go across the top.  Instead, these styles of bed frames have four posts that extend up from the bottom of the frame.  Many styles also include a decorative headboard and matching footboard to complete the look.  Most four poster beds are made from deep, rich types of wood or wood veneer products, and include side rails and decorative feet.

Sleigh beds have been popular since they were introduced in the early 1800’s in France.  Now incredibly popular in the US, and especially in the southern part of the country, sleigh beds have a tall, headboard that curves out and a shorter footboard at the end that depicts the shape of a traditional horse-drawn sleigh.  Both attractive and functional, sleigh beds are usually made from high quality wood and can include either very ornately carved details or more modern, smooth designs.

Before choosing a four poster bed or a sleigh bed, be sure to measure your room carefully!  Since not rooms can accommodate these larger types of beds, it’s a good idea to measure your space accordingly.

Loft beds and bunk beds in San Fernando are a popular option for those who are limited on space and those who are simply looking for a fun option for their kid’s room or smaller guest room.  There are plenty of attractive and sturdy bunk beds and loft beds available that can really open up extra space in a room.  No matter how big or how small, these types of beds can be fun, attractive and incredibly comfortable for your child or for guests.

When shopping for loft beds and bunk beds, you’ll find that there are many different options available.  The most important thing to consider when looking for the best bed for your budget is how safe it is and if it is the right size for your child.  Whether you choose a loft bed or bunk beds, make sure that the furniture complies with all of the current safety and size regulations and that it is constructed with fire-retardant materials.  Also, think about how old your child is, as you may want to get a bed that is a little big at first so that they have something to grow into.  Keep in mind that the mattresses are typically sold separately with bunk beds and lofts, so you’ll need to make sure you get the right size mattress to ensure a proper fit before using your new bed.

If you need extra storage space, consider adding a trundle bed or drawers to your bunk bed or loft bed.  These are great ways to add extra storage or sleeping space without taking up too much room.  If you are limited on space, consider just how efficient a well-made bunk bed or attractive loft bed can be.  When style and functionality are the most important considerations, these types of beds can be a really smart choice.  Check out the latest bunk bed and loft bed designs, and you’ll be surprised at just how attractive, comfortable and functional these types of beds can truly be.

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Now from New Classic Home Furnishings we are offering your choice of either the 5-Piece Cabo Light Standard Dining Set, or the Cabo Light 5-PieceCounter-High Dining Set in Pecan wood finish.













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