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A sofa sleeper can be one of the most functional pieces of furniture that you’ll ever buy.  The perfect option for out of town guests and even great for those who simple don’t have room for both a couch and a bed, a sofa sleeper offers both comfort and convenience that many people can’t resist.  The key to choosing the best sofa sleepers in Encino is to understand a little bit about what you are looking for.  This includes size considerations, how much you are able to spend and what type of mattress you are looking for.

We’ve all had experiences with a bad sofa sleeper that leaves us tossing and turning, and it’s likely been with an older model that has seen better days.  Today’s sofa sleepers can be incredibly comfortable when you select one that is made from high quality materials and sturdy construction.  This includes a heavy duty metal or hardwood frame, a high quality mattress that is both comfortable and supportive and easy to care and attractive fabric.

Before purchasing a sofa sleeper, always be sure to measure your space to make sure it will fit.  There’s nothing worse than purchasing the “perfect” sofa sleeper only to find that it doesn’t fit when opened in your living room.  Take your measurements before you leave for the store to ensure you get the right size for your space.  Keep in mind that sofa sleeper mattresses come in the standard bed twin, double and queen sizes, so you’ll want to choose the size that is easiest to open and close in your space.

Finally, when choosing the color of your sofa sleeper, think about the color scheme that you currently have and what types of colors or patterns would compliment it.  If you purchase a well-made sofa sleeper, it will be something that you can enjoy for many years with proper care, so be sure to choose something that you can really live with.