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Working from home isn’t just convenient and comfortable, but it can be incredibly efficient when your office is set up the right way.  Setting up an efficient home office in Northridge helps set limits for your workspace, making it easy to separate your home space and your business space.  While it’s always important to be comfortable, a space that is too comfortable isn’t necessarily the best.  Finding a way to separate this space in your home helps to reduce interruptions and will make you more efficient when you work from home.

The first step in setting up a great home office is to organize all of your work items in that area of the house.  It’s important that you have everything you need in one place, and not spread all over your home.  This way, when you are in work mode and need to find something fast, you won’t have to run all over the house in order to find it.  Many home offices benefit from the addition of sturdy shelves, well-labeled baskets and plastic containers for holding all of those odds and ends.  Choose some furniture and accessories that are both attractive and functional, as this is a great way to get some items that you’ll really use.

Getting the lighting right is also a big key to having an efficient home office.  Natural daylight is always best, however, it’s not always possible to get the amount of light you need with windows alone.  Try adding some high quality lamps to your home office in order to increase the light.  Doing this will help to reduce eye strain and will help to keep you alert all day long.

Finally, choose a well-made desk that is suited for the type of work that you do.  If you are a writer, you’ll probably need less space than a computer programmer who relies on several large monitors to complete projects.  Choosing a desk that is the right size and the right shape for your room will help to complete your home office, so check out a few different options before selecting the right choice to complete your space.