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Are you looking for an elegant way to add comfort and style to your family room?  A stylish sofa chaise in Encino may be just what you need.  A sofa chaise, or chaise lounge, can be an incredibly fun way to add some additional seating to your family room.  Designed to be like a long chair but with extra head and leg support, a sofa chaise can be the perfect place to curl up and watch a movie or snuggle up with a blanket for an evening nap.

Before choosing a sofa chaise for your home, measure the dimensions of your room in order to determine how much space you have.  A common mistake that many homeowners makes is to select too many pieces for one room, resulting in an overcrowded space that really isn’t comfortable or functional.  Sofa chaises may not be as big as a couch, but they do take up more room than you may think.  It’s important to remember that you need to take into account both the size of the chaise frame and the cushion when considering how much open space you currently have.

Since there are several different styles of sofa chaises available, consider what type would work best with your existing furniture.  If you are a more traditional decorator who appreciates old world charm, consider a neutral color cushion paired with a stylish wooden frame.  If you are looking to use the chair as more of a statement piece, consider choosing a brightly printed fabric for the cushion or a bright solid color.

Your personal style will determine whether you select a simple, basic style in a neutral color or a more ornate style with a bright hue, so consider this carefully before making your purchase.  Small touches like hand carved frame details or ornately brocaded fabric designs can completely change the style of a sofa chaise, so check out all of the options out there and you’ll be amazed at all of the choices that are out there.